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Guest Housing Policies




Arrival & Departure Times
Our standard arrival time is after 3:00 PM – unless prior arrangements are made. Our departure time is by 11:00 AM – unless prior arrangements are made. For a specific arrival/departure time outside of standard times, please contact the Guest Services Manager.

Any early arrivals/late departures without prior arrangements will be charged the nightly rate plus $25.00 per early arrival/late departure, per night, provided space is available. Please note that space may not be where the guest room assignment is located.

Facility Assignment

University Housing Guest Services assigns housing to various groups based upon building availability, number of prospective guests, type and facility of housing requested, needs of the requesting group, and the overall needs of all groups on campus during the same period of time.

University reserves the right to make changes in building assignment based upon the needs of the University Housing Guest Services program for Boise State University.

Room Configuration

Guest rooms are arranged for single or double occupancy. Rooms are to be occupied only by guest for whom they are reserved. The maximum number of guests in a room is not to exceed the number of beds placed in a room at the time of check-in. Violations will result in additional charges and/or possible eviction.

Miscellaneous Charges

Below is our rate schedule for miscellaneous charges.

Unauthorized early arrival/late departureNighlty rate + $25 / person / night
Lost keys (Chaffee, Driscoll, Morrison, Towers)$30 / key
Lost keys (Keiser, Taylor, University Suites, University Square, Lincoln)$75 / key
Broken/bent keys$15 / key
Lost exterior door access cards$25 / card
Damages, excessive cleaning charges$25 / hour + materials (2 hour minimum charge
Over occupancy charge$40 / person / night in addition to standard rate
Lost/severely damaged linen$30 / per be back
Additional linen service$5 / day / person
Classroom space$50 / day or
$200 / week
Computer Lab$50 / day or
$200 / week
A/V equipment$TBA