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Youth Camps & Conferences

“Youths” shall be defined as persons younger than eighteen (18) years of age. All activities, which include youths, must provide adequate adult supervision of the youth at all times. Boise State University is minimally staffed during the summer months and provides no supervision services. Adequate adult supervision is one (1) adult chaperone per fifteen (15) youth. Chaperones must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and must stay with participating youth in the residence halls and must accompany Group at all times while on-campus.

Guest and Conference Housing requires the following:

  1. Provide Guest & Conference Housing with a list of all chaperone name and cell phone numbers at least two weeks prior to beginning of the camp or conference.
  2. Identify a primary chaperone to liaison with the university.
  3. The camp or conference shall have emergency contact and health insurance information for all youth participants on site at all times and the chaperones must be available via their cell phones at all times of day and night and are required to respond to university staff.
  4. If a youth may be in imminent harm, the camp or conference and/or university must call Campus Security and Police Services by dialing 911 or (208) 426-6911, or by activating a blue emergency phone located throughout campus.
  5. If Group and/or university has reason to believe a youth has been abused, abandoned or neglected on university controlled premises or by a university member, they must immediately report the incident to Campus Security and Police Services by calling (208) 426-6911.
  6. Boise State University has zero tolerance for violence, including sexual abuse and harassment. This also includes hazing and verbal, written, physical, and cyber bullying. Incidents of this nature must be immediately reported to Guest & Conference Housing staff and will be handled accordingly.
  7. Guest and Conference Housing will establish a meeting time during check-in to meet with the lead chaperon(s) to review policies and protocol.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at (208) 447-1023 or via email at