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Frequently Asked Questions


All groups are charged a one-time, per person set up fee, currently $4.50/participant. The administrative fee is applied to offset key, door access card activation, lanyards, conference set up, and the standard in-house check-in/out of your group.


Air conditioning is provided in all of our residential facilities. In an effort to conserve energy, we ask that guests do not set their thermostats lower than 68 degrees. Please note, that on days in excess of 100 degrees it is important to not overload our system by continually running the units at the coldest temperatures, on high, for long periods of time.


To ensure our rooms and staff are fully prepared for your group’s arrival and departure we have established a standard check-in/out time. Check-in is available any time after 3:00 PM and check-out is any time prior to 11:00 AM. Based on building and staff availability, these times may be adjusted; please request alternative arrangements at least 30 days in advance.


Our summer conference season begins typically the third week in May and lasts until the third week in August. For 2018, our conference season begins May 20, 2018 and concludes August 5, 2018. During this time frame specific halls or areas may not be available for summer conference needs do to maintenance needs and/or other conference bookings. Space is determined on a first-come, first-served basis.


Vera Frolova
Manager for Apartments, Guest Housing, and Conferences

Mailing Address:
1910 University Drive MS 1355
Boise, ID 83725-1355



Custodial and housekeeping services will consist of cleaning all private bedrooms, living areas, and bathrooms prior to the schedule group’s arrival. We do not offer in room hotel-like housekeeping services during guest stays. Only public areas (such has common bathrooms, lounges, and hallways) will be cleaned daily, except on weekends or holidays. If any of our areas need attention, please notify one of the team members working the front desk.


Any group with participants under the age of eighteen (18) must provide adequate adult supervision of the youth at all times. Boise State University is minimally staffed during the summer and provides no supervision services.

Adequate adult supervision is one (1) adult chaperone per fifteen (15) youth. Chaperones must be at least the age of eighteen (18) and must stay with the participating youth in the residence halls and must accompany the participants while on-campus.

The group is required to provide the University a list of all chaperones no later than two weeks prior to arrival to campus. In addition, the group should identify a primary chaperone to liaison with the University. The group is required to have all emergency contact information and consent for treatment for all youth participants on site. Chaperones are to immediately report medical, emotional, hazing, building maintenance or any other concerns to University staff immediately.


All 3rd Party Contractors (Insured) that desire to use facilities at Boise State University (Certificate Holder) are required to carry the types and limits of insurance listed below. The Insured needs to provide the Certificate Holder with a Certificate of Insurance no later than 30 days prior to the first guest arrives on campus. All certificates shall provide for thirty (30) day’s written notice to Certificate Holder prior to cancellation or material change of any insurance referred to in the certificate. All insurers shall have an “AM Best” rating (or equivalent) of A- or better and be licensed and admitted in Idaho. All policies shall be written as primary policies and not contributing to nor in excess of any coverage may Certificate Holder choose to maintain.

Required Insurance Coverage:

Commercial General Liability Insurance – Insured shall maintain commercial general liability (CGL) with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 each occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate for the duration of their event.

Certificate Holder AND Additional Insured shall read:

State of Idaho and Boise State University
Attn: Risk Management
1910 University Drive
Boise, ID 83725

Failure to maintain the required insurance may result in termination of the 3rd Party Event at the Certificate Holder’s option. For specific questions please contact our Risk Management Office.


Our traditional and suite style residence halls offer in hall laundry facilities for your use. You can check out a laundry card at the front desk.

Guests staying in University Suites, University Square, and the Lincoln Townhomes have laundry within their suite or house and are free of charge.


Linen service is included for all of our guests. Guests are requested not to remove any of the linens from their facility.

To conserve our natural resources, all linens may be exchanged every seventh (7th) day, for groups in which the linen exchange is provided the exchange is handled through the area’s service desk. For groups not staying more than seven days, an additional linen exchange services may be made in advance and an additional linen service fee of $2.50 person will apply. Only sheets, pillowcases, towels, and washcloths will be eligible for exchange.

Each guest will be provided with a bedpack set that includes:pillow, blanket, two flat sheets, towel, pillowcase, washcloth, and a bar of soap. The beds are not made. Additional blankets are available upon request through our service desks, pending availability.


Each year we evaluate our rates and fee structure during the fall. We typically have rates posted in November of each year. When planning for future camps or conferences, it is suggested to budget an annual increase of about 5%.

Internal rates apply to those groups that are sponsored by a Boise State University office, department, or organization AND paid through an Inter-Departmental Transfer of Funds. External rates apply to groups that are sponsored by groups external to the University.

All rates are subject to state and local taxes, which currently amount to 13%. Any tax exempt organization must submit their tax exempt certificate with their Summer Guest Services Agreement.

Below are our rates for 2017.

Internal Rate:

FacilityRates Per Person
Driscoll Hall*$19.50
Morrison Hall*$19.50
Taylor Hall$23
Towers Hall$19.50$23
University Square$31
University Suites$31
Lincoln Townhomes$34.50

External Rate:

FacilityRates Per Person
Driscoll Hall*$26
Morrison Hall*$26
Taylor Hall$30
Towers Hall$26$30
University Square$37.50
University Suites$37.50
Lincoln Townhomes$42

*Morrison & Driscoll Halls have a limited number of double rooms. Each guest will be booked at the Single Room Rate, regardless of room type.


Please press the “Submit An Information Request Form” button to the left of any of our Guest and Summer Housing webpages to submit your reservation request. Please provide the name of your group, arrival/departure dates, your contact information, estimated number of participants, number of double/single beds you will need, and your preferred lodging style: traditional residence hall, suite style hall, suite with kitchenette, or townhouse, and any information you feel is relevant for us to know when booking your group.

Once the reservation request is processed (please allow up to 72 hours – excluding holiday periods – to respond to you) you will be informed on our facility availability. We will also discuss reservation processing for your participants and your specific conference needs. After working with you to solidify your plan, we will send out your confirmation. In addition, you will be given specific dates and deadlines for guarantees, participant information, payments, and when we will need other information from you and/or your participants.

Typically, we send out our contracts starting in February.


We work hard to provide a safe and secure living option for our guests. All of our residential facilities are locked 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each guest is given a door access card that grants access to the building they are staying in and the gender specific restroom. Bedroom doors are accessed by room keys.

In addition, our staff monitors the buildings throughout the day and night and are available at all times via our on-call cell phone. The phone numbers are posted throughout our buildings. Campus Security also walks through the buildings on a regular basis to ensure the building is secured.


We are only able to accept mail for the conference as a whole, not for specific attendees. Any mail sent to the conference or camp needs to be addressed as follows:

ATTN: Housing and Residence Life

Camp Coordinator / Person

Camp/Conference Name
Dates of the Camp
1421 Cesar Chavez Lane
Boise, ID 83706

Any mail or packages received after the camp has departed will be returned to sender or forwarded to the camp at their expense.


The Summer Guest Services Agreement is typically mailed out in February of the year of the conference. It must be returned at least ninety (90) days prior to the group’s scheduled arrival along with the deposit. All prices and estimates are based on the confirmed numbers provided by the group.