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Living Learning Programs

Students in Living Learning Programs get to know professors better and develop strong friendships with other students. They have access to special resources, programs and activities, lectures, study groups, and mentoring – all of which increase their success at Boise State.  For example, students in Boise State’s Living Learning Programs:

  • Are 88% more likely to return to Boise State for their Sophomore Year (compared to 80% of non-LLP residents and 72% of students living off campus)
  • Have a 4-year graduation rate of 32% (compared to 27% of non-LLP residents and 13% of students living off campus)
  • Have an average GPA of 2.87 (compared to 2.78 of non-LLP residents and 2.4 for students living off campus)

Once logged into your MyHousing, the application link is under “Messages”

If you have any questions about our Living Learning Programs or would like more information, please contact