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Extended Stay

Year-end check out for spring semester is always 24 hours after your last final or the Saturday after finals at noon, whichever is earlier. If you have circumstances which make it difficult for you to meet this deadline (i.e., participating in commencement, family emergency, etc.), you will need to complete an extended stay application so our staff can review your situation.

If your extended stay request is approved, you can stay in your assigned room Saturday and Sunday night. Our staff will begin cleaning the halls Monday morning, so if you need to stay past Monday morning, we will arrange for you to move to a temporary room. The charge for extended stay is $22.50/day, which will be added to your account once you have checked out. Graduating seniors will be able to stay in their assigned room until Sunday at 5pm for no additional charge.

If you have completed a summer housing application and received a summer assignment, there is no need to complete an extended stay application as we anticipate you will remain in your room until your summer assignment is ready. Summer housing assignments should be ready by May 9.

You will need to submit your request by Wednesday of finals week so our staff can plan accordingly.

Extended Stay Applications are no longer available as of May 4. Please talk to your RD if any situations arise that might prevent you from checking out of your room on time.