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Roommate Match


Choosing your roommate is a big deal, and that’s why we use RoomSync to help you in that process. RoomSync allows you to create your roommate profile and search for matches based on things like academic major, lifestyle preferences, mutual friends, hobbies, and interests. The result? You’ll have compatible roommates and you’ll all be more prepared to work through your differences.

How it works

You will be emailed a link when RoomSync opens along with login instructions. The link will be emailed to your BroncoMail account so make sure to check this account.

  • Log into RoomSync to pick your roommate. If you already know who you want to live with, it will be quick. Just match up with each other in RoomSync.
  • Make sure you and your roommate(s) selected the same housing preferences in your housing application. If you didn’t log into your MyHousing portal, return to your housing application, and update your housing preferences.
  • You and all your potential roommates apply as early as possible.

If you don’t match up with anyone in RoomSync, still make sure your profile is complete. We might be able to assign you with someone who has a similar profile. If you apply after RoomSync has closed but you know who you want to live with, send us an email at Requests made outside RoomSync will be accommodated as best as possible.

RoomSync Dates

See the Assignment Process and Timeline.